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to their storm damaged neighborhoods to find their cars flooded out, or buried. general motors and nissan as well as infiniti are offering special incentives and discounts on new vehicles. >>> the rumors about a pending retirement for 67-year-old ceo alan mullaly has been put to rest. ford announced he will be staying on the job through at least 2014. on the news ford shares rose in early trading and he has been widely credited with helping the nation's number two automaker avoid bankruptcies and didn't take a bailout. according to analysts his likely successor is mark fields, his promotion to the coo role was also just announced. ford says fields will be taking over the day-to-day decision making. >>> george lucas is donating the majority of the $4 billion sale of lucas films to disney to improving education. lucas made the announcement thursday in anticipation of this deal. after devoting his time and money to the company for 41 years, he says he's ready for the opportunity to put those efforts into philanthropy. this comes after a promise lucas made back in 2010 that he would dedicate his weal
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1